As a transracially adopted person (I am brown and adopted into a white family), I have lived a life where it was imperative I learn how to gracefully and effectively navigate complex circumstances and situations that many can’t imagine or maybe even recognize. My life experiences have created a rare blend of warmth and grit.  I make it my business to understand my identity and work to authentically master maneuvering through encounters with everyone from all walks of life.

Part of my personal mission is to address how differences of race, class, and culture impact adoption and foster care systematically and individually. Inspired by my personal narrative, I interweave my transracial adoption journey into broader themes that everyone can identify with, via my podcast Born in June, Raised in April: What Adoption Can Teach the World!, and my writings on HuffPo and Medium.  Everyday, I continue to build my capacity to authentically communicate my experiences to any audience.

From creating a mentoring program for youth in foster care to becoming the CEO of the Donaldson Adoption Institute (DAI), I am fiercely dedicated to bettering the lives of children and families everywhere by creating connections and insisting on a more transparent conversation about identity and today’s families. For over fifteen years, my specialized mentoring program, Adoptment, has been creating lifelong bonds with adopted adults and young people in foster care.  During my tenure at DAI, I lead a team that launched “Let’s Adopt Reform”, an initiative to spark a national conversation about adoption that included a Town Hall Tour, a large-scale public opinion survey and a comprehensive professional qualitative report.

A strategic marketer at the core, I have the ability to engage audiences, connect to consumers, and better any environment. My career experiences working with high profile companies and brands, including Nine West Group Inc., Kenneth Cole Productions Inc., Flieshman-Hillard, Ruder Finn, J.C. Penney Company Inc., and JetBlue have shaped me into a branding, marketing, and communications powerhouse. It has been both exciting and challenging to bring to life large-scale activations, including the 84th Annual Academy Awards fan experience, a “Joining Forces” event for teens with Michelle Obama and The Ellen Show, as well as the launch of JetBlue’s A321 Aircraft.  

Now more than ever, I  am poised, passionate, and committed to providing leadership for brands, systems, families and individuals as they face today's toughest challenges.  

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