Inspired by her very deep and personal connections to foster care and adoption, fueled by uncovering her truth and motivated by the realities of a complex society, April has become a fierce advocate for children and families.

Part of her personal mission is to address how differences of race, class and culture impact adoption and foster care. April is also dedicated to changing the perceptions surrounding adoption, foster care and today’s families. She shares her personal journey via her podcast Born in June, Raised in April and her writing on HuffPo and Medium.

Adoption in America Today: City Club of Cleveland

April DinwoodieChief Executive of The Donaldson Adoption Institute, explores how a modern understanding of adoption, more education, and collective action can ultimately strengthen all families at the City Club of Cleveland.


April Dinwoodie and the Adoption Experience

Transracially adopted person, April Dinwoodie shares her personal thoughts about adoption. 


Let’s Adopt Reform Chicago Town Hall Re-cap

April led the rich and important conversation about the importance of national standards, human rights and education in adoption.